Thursday, 26 January 2012

It's Australia Day!!

Today's the 26th January... which, here in Australia, is Australia Day!
I love going all out for Australia Day!
This year I decided to do an Aussie Flag mani.
 I used OPI DS Magic for the base colour ( It's like the perfect blue for this!) then OPI Alpine Snow and Sally Hansen Diamond and Rubies for the stars and Union Jack!

On a related note... I found this at Priceline the other day!
 I had heard that Priceline started stocking Violent Lips recently, and although I was curious about how they would turn out I wasn't brave enough to try the designs they had (cheetah prints, polka dots, glitter).  And then I saw the Aussie Flag one and it was the perfect excuse to buy them and try them on!

They cost $14.95 at Priceline...a bit pricey..but they contain 3 lip "temporary tattoos" so you could share them with 2 other friends...? or save them for another occasion (the only thing that comes up is a sports match?)

So here's what the tattoo looks like:
It also comes with instructions on how to apply them...I'm going to try to put it on later today and hopefully I can get a nice picture up!

Edit: Here's the outcome....
They pretty much work like temporary tattoos, cut them to size, place them on your lip and soak the paper backing with water and then take the paper off...voila!
The top lip was a bit harder to do (it's a bit wonky lol)
But overall I like it!

Hope u guys have a great Australia Day!


  1. Oh I look forward to seeing how those lip things work. I wonder why the top one is so much wider than the lower one. It looks like a lot of fun!

    1. I have no idea why it was wider... i had to cut more off the top lip anyway...