Thursday, 26 January 2012

It's Australia Day!!

Today's the 26th January... which, here in Australia, is Australia Day!
I love going all out for Australia Day!
This year I decided to do an Aussie Flag mani.
 I used OPI DS Magic for the base colour ( It's like the perfect blue for this!) then OPI Alpine Snow and Sally Hansen Diamond and Rubies for the stars and Union Jack!

On a related note... I found this at Priceline the other day!
 I had heard that Priceline started stocking Violent Lips recently, and although I was curious about how they would turn out I wasn't brave enough to try the designs they had (cheetah prints, polka dots, glitter).  And then I saw the Aussie Flag one and it was the perfect excuse to buy them and try them on!

They cost $14.95 at Priceline...a bit pricey..but they contain 3 lip "temporary tattoos" so you could share them with 2 other friends...? or save them for another occasion (the only thing that comes up is a sports match?)

So here's what the tattoo looks like:
It also comes with instructions on how to apply them...I'm going to try to put it on later today and hopefully I can get a nice picture up!

Edit: Here's the outcome....
They pretty much work like temporary tattoos, cut them to size, place them on your lip and soak the paper backing with water and then take the paper off...voila!
The top lip was a bit harder to do (it's a bit wonky lol)
But overall I like it!

Hope u guys have a great Australia Day!

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!

 Hey guys!
I decided to do a fun festive New Year's Eve/New Year's Mani, and since I'll be going to watch the fireworks, I went with glitter! I also wanted to incorporate Shatter because I feel like 2011 has been the year of the shatter/crackle nail polishes! And finally I HAD to have OPI Teenage Dream on my nails since it is definitely my favourite nail polish of the year!

So this is what I came up with:

I started off with a bottom coat of glittery colours, and to make it super sparkly I also added a layer of glitter pieces. The glitter pretty much covered the nail colours completely so I won't bother mentioning the nail polishes I used. On my thumb I used OPI Teenage Dream.

 Then I used pieces of tape to cut out numbers so that I could use it as a stencil for the shatter. It actually ended up being a really tricky process, I had to take out my dissection kit and use a scalpel to cut the letters out! (couldn't find a razor thingy at home).
Finally I added a coat of black shatter. I was quite surprised that the shatter sort of moved away from the tape so you can kind of see the numbers without removing the tape.

 So that the numbers stand out a bit more, I outlined them with Sally Hansen XtremeWear in Black Out. Then I peeled the tape off, added a Top Coat and cleaned up...and voila!

Hope you guys have a wonderful new year!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Hey guys!
Merry Christmas!
Just a quick post before Christmas officially ends haha.
So I played around with some Christmas-y colours: red, white, green and gold (for that extra sparkle) and I came up with this:

I alternated with OPI Alpine snow with OPI Red Shatter and Sally Hansen XtremeWear in Emerald City with OPI White shatter on my fingers and I put Orly Luxe on my thumb.

To make it extra sparkly (what's Christmas without sparkles right?) I topped it off with Maybelline Express Finish in Pot of Gold and some extra gold glitter on my thumb!

Oh and here's what I did with my sister's nails!
I made the candy cane stripes with OPI Alpine Snow and Maybelline Wet shine Diamonds in Cherry Carats. Then I added red and silver glitter on top and sealed it with a top coat.
I really like how this turned out! I'd probably wear this on non-Christmas days too!
and it kinda reminds me of one of Katy Perry's dresses haha.

Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas!!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Xmas mani...Presents!!

Hi guys!
Christmas is almost here!
..which means I have an excuse to have holiday themed manis! yay!
I got these Bundle Monster plates a while ago and I haven't had a chance to use them..until now!

One of my favourite activities at Christmas is wrapping the presents! I kinda go overboard with the ribbons and everything haha. So I thought it'd be fun to stamp a whole bunch of presents on my nails haha ( it also gave me a chance to test which nail polishes were stamp-able)

I used OPI Alpine Snow as the base colour, Konad special polish in green for the tree
  and for the presents I used:
Essence "Into the Dark" (Vampire Love collection), OPI "Planks a Lot", OPI "Mermaid's Tears", Konad Special polish in purple and red, Orly "Luxe", Essence "Choose Me! (Colour & Go), Rimmel "Tangerine Queen, and OPI DS "Magic". 

Then I topped it off with a coat of Essie "Shine of the Times" which you can't see very well in the pictures.
I picked the colours at random and I like how they worked out! It's so colourful!

What's your favourite thing to do at Christmas?

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Burberry...a high fashion mani

So a little while back, I wore this mani for an interview, I thought a nice clean simple nude colour will look sophisticated and professional and be appropriate for this kind of occasion. 
"Topless and Barefoot" Essie
But after the interview I was itching to make it more...interesting! On the same week I had received some striping tapes I ordered online, so...inspired by the signature plaid print of Burberry... I made this...

Personally I really love Burberry's trench coats (and I hope to own one soon!). And I like how they keep things classy by not plastering their designer print on every item they make/design.
I decided to just use the design as an accent nail to keep it understated, like Burberry does =)

And then after a few days I spiced it up with a flakie gradient
"Pink Twinkle" Covergirl and "Topless and Barefoot" Essie
Oh and did I mention that I met George Craig ( the guy that modeled for Burberry with Emma Watson) on Vogue's Fashion Night Out this year? That was pretty awesome =)

What's your favourite designer brand?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Polka Dot Madness!

Ok, so did this mani at like...3am one night after some "studying" and I couldn't sleep haha!
Polka dots are always fun to do and kinda infectious don't you think?

I used BYS colour change in "blue" but it's more of a teal colour, it changes from this teal almost sky blue colour to a light teal. This is one of the more subtle colour changing nail polishes.

Cold: Thumb, Middle, Pinky; Hot: Index, Ring 
Please excuse the wet hands, I had to dip them into a cup of cold/hot water to get more striking changes.

"Cotton Candy" Revlon Scented, "Blue" BYS Colour Change
 The other colour I used is one of the Revlon scented nail polishes.  This one's "Cotton Candy" and it really does smell like genuine cotton candy! I must say,  Revlon's scented range is pretty awesome! I accidentally put Top Coat on one of the nails, yet the scent was not lost! And even after a few days of wear, and anatomy labs (where my hands usually smell of formaldehyde even when wearing gloves) there was still a subtle cotton candy scent...which I think is pretty impressive! last picture!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Oranges are good for you!

I was eating oranges today and I suddenly remembered a mani I did a while ago...

I really like oranges, especially naval oranges, they're the best! So what better way to express my love for oranges than to put them on my nails!

I used Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish nail polishes for this mani. Although I'm not a fan of them for quality in terms of durability (their "lasting finish" is such a lie), they have good solid colours that are opaque enough to use for nail art =)
So I used: "Tangerine Queen", "Sunshine", "Green Grass" and "London Clouds"

Australis recently had a nail art competition for their Shadey Friday competitions, so i entered this mani in.. and I was one of the winners! Yay! 
I won a bottle of their limited edition nail colour called "Today's News". I haven't worn it yet but it looks pretty awesome in the bottle =)

What's your favourite fruit?